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14 January 2017

Outdoor apparel designer Conroy Nachtigall developed alpine jacket for 'The DyneemaŽ Project'

Conroy Nachtigall (portrait photo, right) is specialist for designing outdoor apparel made of technical fabrics and manufactured for high-performance acitivites. From mountain, snow sports to wind- and weatherproof urban wear, his designs combine research of new materials and methods for the production of clothing. Now, he teamed up with DSM Dyneema, the inventor and producer of the ultra light and strong fiber 'Dyneema' which is used for ropes, fishing nets, safety gloves or for bullet resistant clothing for police or military.

During the last years, Dyneema steps increasingly into the end-consumer fashion sphere such as with the 'Levi’s® 501® Strong' series; the Dyneema fiber makes the denim stronger and more durable. The special design collaborations under the title 'The Dyneema® Project' between Dyneema and partners like Conroy Nachtigall are characterized by the technical textile and/or clothing technology research phase which is common in this field of fashion design. Nachtigall's alpine jacket was additionally tested in natural environment. At the latest documentary video 'Sending It' of the brand's 'The DyneemaŽ Project', Conroy Nachtigall speaks about the development of the alpine jacket with Dyneema® Composite Fabric and the tests during extreme sports activities in Squamish, Canada.

"Dyneema Composite Fabrics is a precise high-tech material yet still looks unfinished and raw due to its signature crinkly look," says Nachtigall. "It's a fabric but isn't a fabric – bonded instead of woven, super lightweight yet super tough. Dyneema shifts perceptions. And that's what I try to do with apparel: to have the wearer shift their idea of what they can do based on what they're wearing."

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