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High-fashion from Indonesia

Award-winning Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan presented two times fashion collections on the catwalk during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (3 to 9 November 2012).

For the first time at the opening on 3 November 2012 (photos on this page) and the second time, Sebastian Gunawan stages a charity show today on 6 November in collaboration with the Indonesian Heart Foundation (live-stream). The designer is known for his high-fashion approach on clothing with rich embroderies and handmade items.

fig.: The elegant evening outfit in 1950s 'New Look' style by Sebastian Gunawan consists of a sleeveless pearly colored top and wide skirt in dark grey with rich decoration which looks like inspired by a light-flooded glass window. Impression from the catwalk during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 at Plaza Senayan on 3 November 2012 in Jakarta. Photo: Irvan Arryawan/Feminagroup.

The JFW focuses each day on another aspect of the fashion industry. On day three for example, fashion education programs which are settled in Jakarta were portrayed, day four (6 November) belonged to the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers & Enterpreneurs, and "Day five is the time for Moslem fashion to shine as many designers from the APPMI group will showcase creativity within the scope of Islamic law as interpreted by these creative souls." announces JFW for tomorrow, 7 November 2012. Find the schedule on

fig.: The photo shows designer Sebastian Gunawan (on the picture right) on the catwalk during the defilee at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 on 3 November 2012. Photo: Irvan Arryawan/Feminagroup.

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