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Video: Teaser for the presentation of the 'Ultra Mod' collection SS2013 from the Spous line by Indonesian award-winning designer Priyo Oktaviano. at Dewi Fashion Knights during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013.

The designer graduated from Esmod Paris in 2001 and worked at Balenciaga in Paris. Priyo Oktaviano has received already several prizes such as at the ELLE Awards 2009 the 'Indonesian Fashion Designer of The Year'

Superman tattoo, black-white dressed cyber punks

...seen at the fashion presentation of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection 'Ultra Mod' by Priyo Oktaviano at Dewi Fashion Knights during Jakarta Fashion Week on 9 November 2012.

Priyo Oktaviano was one of five designers who were selected by the fashion publication 'Dewi Magazine' for the runway to represent 'The Next Chapter' of Fashion Indonesia.

Priyo Oktaviano's 'Ultra Mod' is inspired by the 1960ies Mods in London and bad boys and bad girls, introduces into the unisex collection.

fig.: Runway presentation of 'Ultra Mod' SS2013 by Priyo Oktaviano at the Dewi Fashion Knights during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 at Plaza Senayan on 9 November 2012 in Jakarta. Photos by Budi Harianto/Feminagroup.

The image left shows a model with black hat, long hair and Superman tattoo. The style of the outfit on the picture right reminds on the first sight Peruvian style. It consists of a black hat and rich embroidered wide elegant top which is worn above a sporty blouson.
The images below (left: white blazer with black-white geometric patterned lapel, right: dress and leggings in black and white pattern) are examples for the signature textile designs of the fabrics used for the 'Ultra Mod' collection by Priyo Oktaviano. The fabric designs look as if the typical Mods' chess game pattern has met the computer screen which pixels it generously with 'culture across country'-touch.

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