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Rider outfits tested in London

In mid-February 2013, H&M sent the information about the upcoming urban cycling men's collection 'H&M for Brick Lane Bikes' (release on 7 March worldwide) and the test ride in London. The collection's 11 items are designed by H&M and were tested by Brick Lane Bikes.

Petter Klusell, designer at H&M, says about the collection and the test by Brick Lane Bikes: "Each piece has been designed so it can be worn on or off the bike, .... It's great that they've tested every single piece around the streets of London, so we know the collection really works." In the video on this page (below), designer Petter Khusell and Feya Buchwald, founder of Brick Lane Bikes, speak about the collection's concept and the collaboration.

fig. right: Asphalt blue-grey rider shirt with beige collar (organic cotton), dark-blue stretch chino (organic cotton and elastane), checked rider shirt (organic cotton and cotton). The 'H&M for Brick Lane Bikes' collection comes into ca. 180 stores and online (worldwide) on 7 March 2013.

The collection is made in many parts from sustainable materials like recycled-polyester or recycled-cotton and follows the idea of the label's 'Conscious'-line. For the patterns, functionality and style, H&M was inspired by the fashion-motto of urban cyclists and presents pieces which can be layered and easily packed, such as the fresh-orange shell jacket. The jacket has a back pocket and straps inside so that it can be worn as backpack.

fig. below: The fresh-orange colored (water repellent, breathable) shell jacket is made from recycled polyester, has ventilation holes under the sleeves, taped seams and a longer cut at the back. Light-grey stretch blazer (organic cotton and elastane), checked rider shirt (organic cotton and cotton). All three pieces from 'H&M for Brick Lane Bikes', release 7 March 2013. Check out the lookbook video for more impressions from the collection.

Video by State of Style Channel: Petter Klusell (designer at H&M), Chris Christodoulou (graphic designer at Brick Lane Bike) and Feya Buchwald (founder of BLB) speak about their collaboration and the upcoming collection 'H&M for Brick Lane Bikes'.

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