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13 August 2015

Collaborative 'Runway' show by Austrian designers at Vienna Fashion Week in September

Today, the Viennese couture store 'Runway' presented the campaign images for the forthcoming fashion show 'Chrysalide' on 10 September at MQ Vienna Fashion Week (7 - 13 September).

The 'Runway' store was founded by Alexis Fernandez Gonzalez and opened officially last year in September 2014. The store's range is selected from Austrian designer collections of day wear, evening wear, bags and shoes. The various styles from experimental over classical street to elegant couture represent the multi-faceted fashion profile of Vienna. It's announced that for the fashion show 'Chrysalide' next month, Runway Art Director Guy Debast collaborates with three labels: Maiken K (studied at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna), Natalie Rox (Vienna-based shoe company, family owned) and Simon Barth Couture (studied at Esmod Munich). Chrysalide is inspired by the planet earth and especially insects. One of the first impressions of the collaboration is on view on this page.

fig.: The campaign image for the Runway Fashion Show 'Chrysalide', which happens on 10 September 2015 at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, shows a group of four (three women, one man) in - from left - two lingerie-like pieces made of transparent and embroidered fabrics, a black sleeveless dress in combination with metallic gold high heels, and an embellished ball gown; in the middle of the group, a white flower bouquet. Photo: Photographer: Verena Mandragora; Artdirector: Guy Debast; Models: Stella Models; Fashion: Runway; Hair: Prantl & Prächtig; Make up: Jenny Bladek; (C) Verena Mandragora /

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