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9 September 2015

Glimpse at Vienna Fashion Week.15, day 2

Yesterday, Fashionoffice followed the invitation to the catwalk presentation of Alwa Petroni's hat-couture with matching evening gowns which was introduced with the words "From crowded void into bright darkness" (full invitation text on Facebook). Alwa Petroni produces arts & crafts items; the handmade headwear, accessories and clothing pieces are mainly customized individually.

Currently, there are no further images from the show available. Find some side-shots from inside the tent and the runway on this page.

fig.: The tent of Vienna Fashion Week stands in front of the MQ, the MuseumsQuartier. Therefore, the week carries the name 'MQ Vienna Fashion Week'. The queue before the guest-check-in was around ten metres and most of the people were dressed in (seemingly obligatory) black. Shorter was the queue before the press-check-in or the VIP-check-in. The first image shows the VIP-lounge inside the tent. The entry wasn't possible with VIP-invitation (Fashionoffice had one); it kept closed except for other very special guests such as Fashionoffice heard. Well, the lounge is an extra room and isn't directly linked with the runway area. The runway is framed by two platforms of seat-rows. Fashionoffice took the runway pictures from the reserved seat from the third row. The show was well orchestrated and the highlight of this afternoon; the models and the quality of the music (selection of tracks and the sound) completed the elegant impression of artisan Alwa Petroni's couture.

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