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Ball gown designers at the upcoming Vienna Fashion Week

In mid-August 2014, the final show schedule of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week was published online. Fashionoffice researched the plan for dates when ballroom dance dresses will be on view on the catwalk.

Vienna is known for its classical balls; but there is also a fashion in balls; some go, some come. An upcoming new ball is the one by the mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Häupl who announced the 1st Vienna Science Ball 2015 recently. Fashionoffice took the occasion of the new ball which evokes ideas of the city's long university tradition (University of Vienna founded 1365) and modern aspects such as new campus buildings by architects like Zaha Hadid, and looked with these impressions in mind through the schedule for shows where evening gowns will be presented.

Tiberius is for sure one of the top favorites when it comes to ballroom dance clothes for a modern/classical event. On view on this page is a black classical dress with color reflecting transparent layer over a wide, voluminous skirt. The Tiberius show will happen on 10 September.

fig.: Couture evening gown by the Viennese label Tiberius. Photo provided by MQ Vienna Fashion Week: (C) Thomas Lerch

Other designer shows which can be recommended for ballroom dance outfits: Nicola Fechter (10 Sept), Irina Vitjaz (11 Sept), Callisti (11 Sept), Michel Mayer (11 Sept), Anelia Peschev (13 Sept), Elfenkleid (13 Sept).

(Schedule fast checked on 20 Aug on; dates can change.)

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