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Time, places, technology
of an experimental live-stream of a fashion show

On 10 February 2013, Y-3 will provide the live stream of the Fall/Winter 2013/14 fashion show from an abandoned market hall in Manhattan's Lower East Side during New York Fashion Week. The new collection centers around the ideas Old vs. New, Underground vs. Establishment, Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi. It is not said that the Y-3 live-stream concept follows these ideas - but it's a nice way to preview the event.

  • Time The time element is brought in by allowing users to shoot their own look during the live-stream and pin it directly to their Pinterest boards. This turns them into quasi 'chroniclers' of the event (by choosing their personal highlight of the collection) and active parts of media perception in future.
  • Places The Y-3 'Multi-Camera Interactive Experience' provides views to the place where the looks are made (backstage where stylists, make-up artists, etc are working) and the space where the guests experience the new fashion (at the runway). Y-3 announces four different perspectives onto the runway and an exclusive sight backstage; online users can magnify one view at the time without losing the perspective of the show as a whole.
  • Technology Y-3 uses following standard programs (HTML, Javascript), enhanced software (such as Flash), technology (streaming server), and services (Social Media) for the experimental live-stream on 10 February: Flash Player 10, AS3, RTMP Video Stream, Color Cue, Javascript, HTML, CSS2/3, Pinterest. Official event hashtag on Twitter or Google+ is #Y3show.

fig.: Screenshot of the announcement of the live-stream of the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2013/14 fashion show from New York Fashion Week on 10 February 2013. Find the time zone dates (Berlin, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, New York) on

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