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What do you see in Collier Schorr's film 'The Story is in the Past' for Y-3?

In early July 2012, the collaborative label Y-3 by designer Yohji Yamamoto and sports label adidas announces the forthcoming release of the updated website for Fall/Winter 2012/13 with material (images, film - video below) developed by US artist Collier Schorr.

The new fashion-sport collection by Y-3 (Y for Yohji Yamamoto, 3 for the three adidas stripes) is about the nomadic way of life with all the facets from protection over wilderness, brutality, to survival and nobility, nature, outdoor. Especially the idea of trekking through the steppes of Central Asia influenced the design of the Y-3 pieces for fall/winter 2012/13. "There is poetry and elegance to the way nomads dress. I want to capture that feeling and make it modern." said Yohji Yamamoto.

Collier Schorr packed Yohji Yamamoto's futuristic sport fashion image of Western wanderers through steppes from the past into a scenery of nomadic tents.

The Brooklyn/New York based artist is known for works about gender, identity, the representation of masculinity, femininity and her collaborations with fashion labels. In this film, Collier Schorr focuses on the structure of time, place and invites the viewer to question the own perception for the re-construction of the film's story.

The film appears like a journey into uncertain time and unknown places where by questioning and re-collecting of impressions the story of the fashion movie with the title 'The Story is in the Past' evolves.

"'The Story is in the Past' directed by Schorr, continues with this exploration of time and place. As the camera loops around a central makeshift structure, we become more and more immersed in the story unfolding." Y-3

Video: Campaign film 'The Story is in the Past' for the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection, directed by Collier Schorr. "What are you seeing? What are you hearing? A struggle, a dance, a longing for intimacy? Which year are we? 1893? 1965? Sometime in the future?" - "One truth is that we are outside of time. We end where we begin, taking refuge in a moment where everything is present - a rotating eternity." Y-3. The campaign will be released in July 2012 on the website of Y-3.

Creative Direction / Producer: Lloyd & Co., Collage / Photography / Video Direction: Collier Schorr; Styling: Jay Massacret; Hair Stylist: Holli Smith; Makeup: Benjamin Puckey; Models: Caroline Brasch Nielsen / Marilyn, Thomas Sottong / FM, Victor Nylander / Ford Europe.

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