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Video: Catwalk presentation of the 'MAN' collection FW2011/12 by Vivienne Westwood.

Men on the catwalk - whom would you choose?

British designer Vivienne Westwood presents the new 'MAN' collection with a video (above). Westwood explains the approach to the catwalk presentation with the casting for the models who "...looked so different from one another, different types, different characters. ... All ready for life + love + responsibility."

Green activist Vivienne Westwood (the designer has received on occasion of her 70th birthday on 8 April 2011 70 acres rainforest in Peru from Pamela Anderson) has created for this collection a wide range of styles from classical tailoring to sportive urban wear.

The models wear eye-catching red colors on their lips. On some faces and with the right aristocratic early 20th century styling, the red becomes bloody-vampire alike. Alongside to jeans in traditional cut worn to university-cardigans, elegant suits in woolen fabrics with striped shirts, and almost every edgy variation fashion has to offer at this time, Westwood presents trousers that make think of a Bollywood star whose jaipurs had been going through a re-design by US hip-hop/rappers.

At the end of the video description on YouTube, Vivienne Westwood invites to choose between the styles: "...who would you choose to be your bridegroom? Come on girls our catwalk is your chance to dream."

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